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Re: Console based kickstart file generator


I did something similar. I put tags in a template ks.cfg that I then
replace dynamically with the apropriate text via a perl script. The
original starting point was a standard kickstart script. The documentation
for KS is actually quite good, other than a few omissions. Most important
for me was to see others' KS files to get ideas, and then ofcourse to spend
quality time writing and testing my own to learn what can and can't be done
with KS.



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> Hello Klaus,
> Can you share the same with me ? Where can I find thepackage.
> Thanks in advance for all the help
Sorry, no such luck, I put this together by hand. The approach I've taken
to inject code in between the /sbin/loader starting (the kickstart init
program) and anaconda being launched - something I wouldn't advise unless
you're brave and possibly foolish.

Realistically, though, the kickstart.cfg is just plain text - I grabbed the
docs, and a copy of a ks file I had used on another machine, and I used
as my reference point for generating things. Make one using the GUI, and
experimenting with it, would be my best advice.


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