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RE: Kickstart problems...

Thanks Philip,

Adding these corrected the problem of the second DHCP request.  I had
another message that suggests the problem for the failure of the second
DHCP request actually be down to the fact that when then kernel loaded
by bootp is loaded it resets the Ethernet ports and causes our switch to
go into spanning-tree learning mode causing a long delay (45seconds or
so), this appears to be the problem we have here.  

Even after forcing the options below there was a significant pause
(40-60 seconds) while the system "Determines the host and domain names".
After this, everything loads fine and the server is building.

Thanks for the help.  Wish I'd turned to the list before, too much
wasted time on this was spent.


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On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Robert McKenzie wrote:

>I have been spending way too much time trying to get a functional pxe
>kickstart server going.  I've been through at least 4 or 5 howtos on
>this and still come up to the same end each time.  The problem is...
>The new system loads it's kernel from the server using PXE with no
>problem, but then it insists on trying to get a DHCP address (dynamic).
>I have in my dhcpd.conf a static IP for the host, based on MAC but this
>seems only to work for the first step of the PXE boot.

Perhaps anaconda isn't getting enough info from the command line's
"ip=", thus resorting to DHCP. I'd expect at least the
netmask would be needed. From the docs

ip=<ip>   IP to use for a network installation, use 'dhcp' for DHCP.

netmask=<nm>    Netmask to use for a network installation.

gateway=<gw>    Gateway to use for a network installation.

dns=<dns>  Comma separated list of nameservers to use for a network


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