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Re: e1000 still

John and Others -

I'm having the same problem.  It shows up as a dialog
box saying "That directory could not be mounted from
the server".  Then if you tell it to try again, without
changing any parameters, it eventually manages to
mount the NFS share and proceed with the installation.

I have not gotten as far as John has
toward a solution.  I cannot get the NFS install
to work without interacting with the install dialogs
(sometimes several times) to tell it to try the NFS
mount again.

Can you tell me how you modified loader.c and installed it
into initrd.img to get NFS installs working?  Or maybe
you can point me to the right documentation source?

We are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, Update 4.
According to rpm --query, it has anaconda-
That version of anaconda (according to
is supposed to have a fix for the problem.

I assume that the initrd.img and vmlinuz from the
isolinux directory of CD 1 of the rhel3u4 install set
were built using the up-to-date anaconda, pump, etc.
packages that seem to be included in the rhel3u4
distro, but I don't know how to verify that.

We filed a support request with Red Hat.  Their
response was basically that anaconda and the rest of
the installer were working as designed, and that we
should alter the parameters on our HP Procurve
switches (turning "spanning tree" off and turning
"portfast" on were suggested).

Since the NFS mount always succeeds eventually, it
seems to me that the problem should be fixable by
adjusting timing parameters or retry limits in
the code.  (Of course, I haven't looked at that
code yet.)

But I can't figure out how to get the rebuilt
installer binaries into initrd.img, if that's where
they have to to.  So I would be grateful for any
suggestions or documentation you might have.

Stowe Davison

Poole, John J wrote:
    Started with RHEL 3WS update 1 and are currently up to RHEL 3WS update 4. I got the source for Anaconda- and compiles "loader" and put into the
/isolinux/initrd.img from the update 4 cd's. Looks like and NFS install works but when I put url --url=http://myserver/source it fails downloading the image
initially and selecting "OK" at the prompts without changing any parameters, it takes off and loads.

-----Original Message----- From: Peter Eisch [mailto:peter boku net] Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 11:45 AM To: Discussion list about Kickstart Subject: Re: e1000 still

Which RH version you working with?

On 3/18/05 10:17 AM, "Poole, John J" <john j poole usa-spaceops com> wrote:

Thanks. I have read about the "spanning tree" issues. We have little input to
the networking group and are a few Linux Boxes in a Windows world. I guess
I was looking for a short "how-to" on building a new boot image to see if I
have overlooked something. So close but no cigar. I am unsure if I have all
changes incorporated in my new initrd.img or if I must build a new vmlinuz
also. Maybe by the time I figure it out a working release will be available.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Take care,

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