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Adding --onreboot qualifier to %post section

I was wondering if we wanted to have something like:

%post --onreboot

so that users could specify something they wanted to have done
the first time that the machine rebooted (and supposedly entered
run-level 5).  Or it could be called "--firstboot", but that might
cause some confusion.

Note that if you didn't have "reboot" in your parameter/header
section, this would fail.  (I was also thinking that the "reboot"
parameter could take an option like "--poweroff".)

There are a few things that I'd like to do during regular %post
processing... and when complete the machine would power
itself off, and be handed to the user to cart away.

The user would then power the machine back on some time later,
and there would be a certain set of steps that he'd have to do.  These
would be in the "%post --onreboot" section.

Or it could be unattended stuff that doesn't require any interaction,
but just takes a while to do and we don't want to have our techies
tied up with it (such as running "makewhatis" and "updatedb" for the
first time, etc).

Does this seem reasonable?  It fills the gap between simple scripting
and having to write firstboot modules.


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