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%pre and include files

I have a pretty nice kickstart setup going but now I need two different LVM/RAID schemes: One for our 2 drive systems which we want mirrored and one for our 4 drive systems which we want configured with a RAID 5 and a spare. So I split out the common kickstart configs into a file called ks-standardoptions.cfg so I have one central place to edit the things in common and have only the machine specific LVM/RAID config and an include in each main kickstart config. Eventually I will try to put some smarts in the %pre to detect how many HD's the machine has and load the right one. For now I choose at boot time. The problem is: The machine only tftp's the main kickstart file. How do I get the other file to be included? Googling reveals that most people seem to put a wget in a %pre and then include the file they wget. I have tried that but it seems either it is not successfully retrieving the config file to be included or it is not being included at all.

I do not see any way to debug what happens during %pre as I do not see any output, not even errors. Is there some option I am missing? Some way to single step it? I guess I could try making the shell /bin/sh -x and see if it echos the commands to the screen as they execute.

Does it matter where the %pre and %post sections are located in the kickstart config? Most people seem to put them at the end. But my %include is at the beginning. I read somewhere that two passes are made processing includes so that if the file to be included is not present the first time around it eventually executes the %pre and it tries again. Is that correct?

An example of my main config can be found here:

Anyone see a problem with this? Thanks!

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