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RE: Fedora cd error


Are you using FC5 to build your image?  If yes, then know that genhdlist
is no more:

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Subject: Fedora cd error

     I've been having problems with installing a new cd image i'm
creating. After it loads kernel, then the drivers for the hard drive
array on the box the install dies with this error:
Fedora Core CD was not found in any of your CDROM drives. Please insert
the Fedora Core CD and press ok to retry.
     Here's the commands that i'm using to create the cd. Anyone have
any ideas why i'm getting this message?
genhdlist --productpath Fedora $CD_DIR
pkgorder $CD_DIR i386 Fedora 2>/dev/null | tee /tmp/pkglist.$$ genhdlist
--fileorder /tmp/pkglist.$$ --productpath Fedora $CD_DIR


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