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Re: Usb-storage not part of default drivers?

does adding a kernel option at the boot prompt fix things? If so, you can add those parameters to the isolinux.cfg file


Philip Prindeville wrote:
I was trying to install FC5  onto a machine with an ailing DVD (ROM)
drive that was never all that fast or reliable to begin with (it was a
first generation Philips).  I had a Sony external DVD drive with USB 2.0
lying around, and tried to boot off that.

Well, the BIOS loader found the first image and loaded it up fine, but
once Linux was coming up from the FC-5-x86_64-DVD.iso image, it
failed to find the Fedora image.


Well, it was of course because it wasn't loading up usb-storage by

Hmmm...  I'd think that this would be pretty ubiquitous at this point.

What's the reasoning for leaving that out?  Are there scenarios where
loading it crashes or hangs the system?

Sure, it's easy enough to specify by hand.

Is there an easy way to tweak the .iso so that it gets included by default?
Looking at section 7.10 of the Kickstart guide doesn't suggest that
there's an option to throw into isolinux/isolinux.cfg to do this.



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