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Re: /etc/sysconfig/desktop

On Jan 24, 2007, at 3:49 AM, <tamas 1 simon nokia com> <tamas 1 simon nokia com> wrote:


Actually I have thought of this solution but I have an other line in the
desktop file: 'DESKTOP=icewm' but with this command it would be

No it wouldn't, >> appends to the file, it doesn't overwrite it.

So I have a nice script to check the desktop file and put the PREFERRED
thing into it if this line would not exist, and this script would go to
the %post part.

That makes it a little cleaner, but Chip's suggestion works just as well.  If the file already has a PREFERRED line, you will end up with two, but the new one will override the old one, so you still get what you want.

I was only curious whether there is any other solution.

Thanks again!


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Shabazian, Chip wrote:
Do you simply need to add the line PREFERRED="icewm" to 

If so, just put this in %post

echo "PREFERRED=\"icewm\"" >> /etc/sysconfig/desktop

echo PREFERRED=icewm >> /etc/sysconfig/desktop

You don't need any of those quotes, and hence no quoting of quotes.



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