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Re: kickstart with fedora7 and arping checks

On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Thomas Vogt wrote:
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> Hi
> Since I use fedora 4 with kickstart I always had to remove some arping
> checks in the network scripts of fedora because of my arp proxy in front
> of all fedora boxes.
> Now I try to install fedora 7 via kickstart. Is there a way to disable
> any arping check in fedora without always removing some parts in the
> network script code with %post commands?
> In Fedora7 I have another issue. I guess I removed all arping checks but
> I still have some issues to set an IP address to eth0. If I add the ip
> via ifconfig and route add command it works but with
> /etc/rc.d/init.d/network start,stop,restart the script starts the
> network without showing any errors but it doesn't set any ip address.

If you use static ip address then you might havae issue with arping.
You might also run the script through bash explicitely - if that would 
work, it would most probably mean some SELinux issue.

> It's all static and the ifcfg-eth0 looks ok. Is there a way to enable
> some debug flags for scripts?

bash -vx /etc/rc.d/....
Use it only after verifying that
bash /etc/rc.d/.... does not work (see above).

> Regards,
> Thomas

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