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Re: RHEL5 kickstart needs to mount cdrom in postinst

> > Yep, this was because some steps got moved around.  It's tracked by
> bugs
> > 238711 and 239002, and has been fixed in rawhide besides.
> Could you be more specific?  Would I need a new stage2.img file or what
> part do I need to update?

If you add updates=http://people.redhat.com/clumens/238711.img to your
boot flags, that will get you the fix for this.  You'll still need to
remount your CD device in the %post script.  And if you want the CD to
be ejected at the end, you'll need to add --eject to your
shutdown/reboot/halt/whatever command.

> Also, it says the rawhide repository is now
> part of Fedora. Can you give me a link to the right place?  I assume
> that I should not mix Fedora packages with RHEL5.

No, you don't want to mix RHEL and Fedora packages especially with how
divergent Fedora is getting from RHEL5 as time goes on.  I don't know
where to point you for the latest rawhide repo as a new one has not gone
out for a while now.

- Chris

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