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RE: Unable to get any http requests: Unable toretreive netstg2.imgfile

kickstart-list-bounces redhat com wrote on 05/16/2007 08:28:48 PM:

> The reason you can get an IP and PXEboot is because the NIC is up for
> more than 30 seconds, which gives the switch time to negotiate with the
> NIC and turn up the port.  When anaconda starts, it recycles the NIC (to
> load the driver).  If you have portfast issues, anaconda will timeout
> before your switch makes the port live.
> Ananacoda will also recycle the NIC one more time after it gets the
> ks.cfg, but that one never causes portfast timeout issues.

I here what your saying. I took your suggestion to the network guys and they confirmed the
switch is configured correctly. So short of calling them liars, I am pretty much at a
standstill and have to go with the ks.cfg on CDROM.

Thanks for your time.
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