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RHEL5.0 x64?

Title: RHEL5.0 x64?

During recent efforts in the %post processing section of RHEL5 x64 kickstarts, I’m unable to successfully NFS mount a locally available filesystem.  I use the command “mount  /mnt”.  In VC3 I monitor the progress and receive the error “mount.nfs: Input/output error”.  At that moment in the build, over on VC2 I can manually accomplish the same command with immediate success (proven as I can list the contents of the NFS mount).  Around that time efforts to list all of the mounted filesystems (no matter how I configure it) displays only a single entry for “/dev/root”.  Which is funny, as from VC2, “df –k” properly shows all the filesystems I’ve established and subsequent boots of the installed system show all the right filesystems, sized appropriately and where they should be.  It’s almost like the anaconda environment has lost its way.

Another annoying issue is with timezone establishment.  Seems like whatever I put, I cannot select the ‘right’ combination to get “GMT” to be recognized during install.  Every effort I’ve tried shows error messages in either VC3 or VC4 of “Invalid timezone”.

Is the content from each of the Virtual Consoles preserved anywhere, like a log file available to the booted image only?  Sure would be nice for troubleshooting to put a sleep 99999 in %post somewhere and then review those log files.  Is there an option that would allow this to happen?

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