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Re: reading user input in %pre script no longer working

	Hi Ben
	On my computer, the input is read from "VT 3", so, in order to use
keyboard what I do is:

	chvt 3
	echo "Message"
	echo -e "\e[2J;1HMessage on serial visor" > /dev/ttyS2

	while [ "$EXIT" == "0" ]
		some commands

	Try appending that "chvt 3" on your script before your command


On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Ben Grommes wrote:

> My kickstart script reads user input in the %pre scriptlet using the read
> command.  This worked fine in CentOS 4.4, but in CentOS 4.5 it no longer works.
>  It appears that the read command is not taking input from the console.
> I'm doing a headless mode install (text option in ks.cfg).
> Here is my %pre script:
> %pre
> install="no"
> while [ "$install" != "yes" ]; do
>     (
>     echo -n "Proceed with install? "
>     )>/dev/tty1
>     read install
> done
> The output of the echo shows up on the screen, but the read command doesn't
> accept any input from the keyboard.
> Any suggestions for how to debug this would be appreciated.
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