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RE: %post details

Title: %post details
Put something like sleep 9999999999999 in your %post, then open a console on the box you are building (alt-f2) and manually try to do whatever you want to do.  You probably want to chroot /mnt/sysimage first so that you are in the built environment.  Once you got it worked out, you simply put those commands in your %post.
You can also search the archives as I know there have been issues and suggestions in the past with NFS.

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I am somewhat new to kickstart but have been using it with cobbler with a lot of success.  Now I find I am frustrated with what I can and cannot do with it.  I am able to create files/directories but am having trouble with cp from NFS.  I am using the RHEL 5 Installation guide but find the examples somewhat wanting.

Can anyone give me a code snippet of how they do this very simple operation?


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