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Re: %post details

> Thanks.  You got me to play with the install while it was being
> performed and I figured out all of my issues.  My general question still
> stands.  Where is kickstart documented for folks who need to be a little
> more in-depth.  A classic case is what are all the options that can be
> passed to %post and %pre?  I have found some info in three or more
> different locations and the document I mentioned earlier has what
> appears to be some random text at the end of the "mount -o nolock" line.
> Kickstart is a great resource which could probably be documented a
> "little" more :-).

I agree, the kickstart documentation tends to be both old and scattered
around.  The current most complete kickstart documentation I've got is:


If this is insufficient or incorrect, please either make modifications
yourself (it's a wiki, after all) or bring it to my attention and I'll
make changes myself.  Thanks!

- Chris

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