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Re: FC7 kickstart installation,

Ian Brown wrote:
	Any idea what should I do in order to start a kickstart configuration
	when installing FC7 ?
	I want to add that I am of course aware of other options (like
	booting this machine with FC6/FC5 installation DVD, and then running
	linux ks=, but I want to be able to do it
	with installation DVD of FC7 (x86_64).
Command line editing should "just work". Typically I think I type "b" to boot, but I don't
recall any changes either.

One point though -- you shouldn't use the other distro's install CD/DVD to install a distro that is not matched to it. Since the initrd from the CD is different, it shouldn't work. If you get fed up with media, you could set up a local boot server. Ex: http://cobbler.et.redhat.com :)

	Any ideas?

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