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Re: FC7 kickstart installation,

On 9/23/07, Ian Brown <ianbrn gmail com> wrote:
  - Hello,

  - I have a DVD of FC7 x86_64 installation.

        - I have an http server on the LAN on which there is an installation
        for FC7 x86_64.

        - When I boot the DVD inside and boot the machine, I get the following
        screen, which have a menu of 4 options:
        Welcome to Fedora

        Install or upgrade an existing ...
        boot from disk.

        In previous version of Fedora Core (like 4,5,6), I could type
        linux ks=

        Here I have a boot menu with only four options.

        I can enter edit mode for this entries by pressing "Tab".
        However, I tried pressing Tab , and erasing a line and entering instead
        linux ks= and enter but it did not work (the
        previous, original entry was kept).
        Any idea what should I do in order to start a kickstart configuration
        when installing FC7 ?

        I want to add that I am of course aware of other options (like
        booting this machine with FC6/FC5 installation DVD, and then running
        linux ks=, but I want to be able to do it
        with installation DVD of FC7 (x86_64).

        Any ideas?


Kickstart-list mailing list
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Just after the system loops through the POST messages, keep pressing the ESC key.
The familiar boot: will appear and you can type the commands for kickstart.


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