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RHEL5.2, kickstart, USB, "OPCODE" error after reboot

Hi all,

Just starting to play around with RHEL5.2 servers in our environment and am coming up with a strange kickstart issue. I have narrowed it down to the following scenario:

Build a HP 385 server, using a RHEL5.2 DVD cut from a downloaded ISO, and the kickstart file located on a USB stick. After the initial build, the server reboots, the DVD and USB stick are manually removed and right where the GRUB screen should be displayed, I get a screen that looks like a kernel panic screen, though starts with the line “Illegal OPCODE” and then a bunch of hex output.

If I build the server without the USB stick but using the same kickstart file (copied to the DVD) it works fine.


Thinking that the USB stick (/dev/sda) was being incorporated into the build process (LVM), I added the line:

“ignoredisk --drives=sda,sdb,sdc,sdd,sde,sdf”  to the kickstart script. This did not fix the issue.

I then added the line:

“part /boot --fstype ext3 --size=200 -- forcing /boot to be created on the internal raid disk, which also failed the fix the issue. I did watch the <F4> screen during the last build process and I know that /boot is created on /dev/cciss/c0d0 (HP raid) and the partition information on the USB stick appears to be unchanged (i.e. not formatted). So I am at a loss as to what else I could check. I do know the exact same kickstart script, server, usb stick combination builds a RHEL4.6 server without any problems. Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas?





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