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Re: Redhat 5 Server - "Advanced"

Jimmy Stewpot wrote:

I am currently installing servers via the kickstart method without any problems. Traditionally we had different tree's for AS and ES to keep things simple. However now that we are starting to use Redhat Enterprise Server 5 it seems there is only one install media source. I am interested to install the Advanced platform so that we can use clustering and so on. The problem I am having is that its only a two socket server and when I register it using a key I don't get the option to specify Advanced instead of Server or whatever the new terminology is.

How do you guys specify for an install to be advanced vs standard?



sorry, I must be missing something,  what does "advanced" and "standard" exactly mean?  Can you describe them alittle more :)

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Joel Andres Granados
Red Hat / Brno, Czech Republic

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