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Re: Detecting xen

Gerrard Geldenhuis wrote:

I have the following in a pre-script to detect whether I am building a
xen machine:

set $(list-harddrives)

vx=$(echo $2|cut -d. -f 1 )

if [ $vx -lt 5120 ]; then

        echo 'xen' > /tmp/xen


just check for the /proc/xen/capabilities file.

This makes assumptions based on disk size.
This is a fairly safe assumption for us because we control the disk size
but I was wondering if anybody could suggest a more sure fire robust way
of detecting whether one is building xen or "normal". For normal builds
I am using dmidecode which is working very well and I can even use it
for VMWare builds.

My aim is to have one kickstart per service type that adjust itself
according to underlying platform which could be IBM, HP, VMWare or Xen.



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Joel Andres Granados
Red Hat / Brno, Czech Republic

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