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Re: Detecting xen

Joel Andres Granados wrote:
Gerrard Geldenhuis wrote:

I have the following in a pre-script to detect whether I am building a
xen machine:

set $(list-harddrives)

vx=$(echo $2|cut -d. -f 1 )

if [ $vx -lt 5120 ]; then

        echo 'xen' > /tmp/xen


just check for the /proc/xen/capabilities file.

I thought of that, then dismissed it as xen support isn't needed for fully-virtualised guests.

It used to be that one could look at /proc/pci, but that got removed. At present xen (and kvm) emulate fairly antiquated PCI hardware.

dmesg | grep -q <something> && echo It's virtual
<something> == QEMU detects KVM here (f9 host, debian guest.
<something> == PIIX3 also occurs in KVM, maybe also in Xen (I don't have a working xen at present).

A regex looking for ACPI and other stuff should work too.



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