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AW: 3rd Party Package Dependencies

install the 3rd party stuff in %post section and not in the main section


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Gesendet: Montag, 10. März 2008 10:02
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Betreff: 3rd Party Package Dependencies


I'm currently trying to set up a RHEL5 kickstart installation for our company.

Everything work fine so far, but I have a Problem with the dependencies of 3rd Party Packages(.rpm/closed source) like VMware Player or Vnc-E. The dependencies aren't set probably by the Distributors. Result is, that the Packages, which are running some shell scripts, are getting installed even before Coreutils and that goes terribly wrong.

So, is there any possibility to change the Package installation order, or any other suggestions?

I already tried to make a meta Package, which is an empty package that just have dependencies with coreutils and VMware, than take the Vmware Package out of the kickstart(.ks) file. But it didn't work the VMware still installed too early.

Thank you all in advance


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