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RE: CentOS upgrade - access to chroot in %pre?

If you will have access to the network before and during the upgrade, you could probably gather the partition/LVM information before the upgrade, post it somewhere, wget it in the %pre and use it to mount your drives.  I haven’t tried any of this, but common sense tells me it should be doable.


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quick, non-tested sample code to give you an idea, the following *WILL NOT* work on your machine, unless you're  really lucky and have your root partition as the second partition on the first hard drive.

Even if it does work, it won't really do anything.

%pre --interpreter /usr/bin/python --erroronfail --log=/tmp/kspre.log
import sys,os,time,shutil,parted,re,subprocess,zipfile
import isys,iutil

### This finds the first hard drive
drive = isys.hardDriveDict().keys()[0]

### The following will mount the second partition on the first harddrive as /tmp/sysimage
rootloc = "/tmp/sysimage"
rootdrive = "/dev/%s2" % drive

###The following does some work to set up a somewhat sane chroot environment
os.system("chmod 644 /dev/null")

###The following function lets you open up subprocesses in the chroot environment
def chroot():

###The following runs an rpm command to check the release in the chroot
subprocess.Popen("rpm -qa   *release",preexec_fn=chroot,shell=True,stdout=subprocess.PIPE).stdout.read()


Matt Rose wrote:

Yes, on upgrade, but it's not easy.  You have to detect and mount the partitions by hand.  If you know some python, you can include the anaconda libs and helper functions, but if you're just using sh, you'd have one hell of a %pre script.


Moray Henderson (ICT) wrote:

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to make the /mnt/sysimage/... chroot available to the %pre script of a CentOS 5.3 upgrade?
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