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Re: Configure Kickstart with a degraded RAID1 ...

Sorry for the late response.  Work/life has been busy. 

Thanks for the reply.  I've done some research and found some bugzilla reports that show this has been a problem for years. 


The problem sounds like it exists in 3 areas/projects not just in one: KICKSTART; GRUB, and ANACONDA.  A patch was submitted for one of the areas but sounds like the correction may be more complicated than it was first believed.  I did not review the patch so I do not know what is involved with it or how tricky the area in code may be.  But, at least, I know that others have found this same problem and documented it.  As far as I know there is currently no official fix for this problem as of yet.


--- On Wed, 9/2/09, Clinton Lee Taylor <clintonlee taylor gmail com> wrote:

From: Clinton Lee Taylor <clintonlee taylor gmail com>
Subject: Re: Configure Kickstart with a degraded RAID1 ...
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Date: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 11:46 AM

Greetings ...

> Has anyone successfully configured their system with Kickstart to have a degraded RAID1 array?
Not that I'm aware of ... I have asked similar questions, with ideas
of converting from none-RAID to RAID1 on both this list and
Anaconda-devel-list, but the closest I have come, is a suggestion to
install with a single device RAID1 array and grow it afterwards, but
that would take some programming skills, which I just don't have at
the moment .... I have worked out a little recipe to convert a
normally none-raid drive filesystem to RAID1 ... Have not tried it
with all partition on a booting system, but will get around to do that

> I have tried in the command portion and it doesn't appear that Kickstart allows a degraded RAID1 array.  If this is true, then has anyone successfully configured a RAID 1 in the %pre section using mdadm?  I
> know mdadm can configure a degraded RAID 1 but I am still learning what I can and can't do in Kickstart especially in the %pre portion of the script.
I have seen some kickstart scripts, which don't use the anaconda
storage module, but instead use %pre section to manually build the
storage layout ... Think you should search the mailling list archive
for %pre scripts for filesystem layouts ...

> As for why I want a degraded RAID 1 system.  I have a group of servers setup as a test environment with limited hardware.  I am attempting to mimic the static drive partitions via sdisk.  I want to eventually
> go virtual (possibly with XEN) for a more complete system test.  But baby steps first - getting a Kickstart script that gives me the desired system setup.
I have done similar things with VirualBox, it's were I test my base
installs ...

> Any info on building a degraded RAID 1 or commands available in the %pre portion of the Kickstart file is greatly appreciated.
Would be great if the anaconda developers could add this function or
someone like myself and find the time to add this feature ...

Best of luck.

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