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how best to resolve dependencies

I use this pure rpm command-line way to check for full package dependency resolution before burning a DVD:
    mkdir /tmp/rpmdb
    rpm --initdb --dbpath /tmp/rpmdb
    pushd trunk-f13/x86_64/os/Packages
    rpm --dbpath /tmp/rpmdb --test -Uvh *.rpm

I do the pungi build install steps separately from split media, and after the build and install:

pungi -c pungi-f13.cfg -G -B -C --name=IE --ver=trunk-f13 --nosource --force

I see that I have some duplicative packages:

[root FC13BUILD installer]# ls trunk-f13/x86_64/os/Packages/gcc-*

Is there anyway to prevent that?   Is there a better way to check that all dependencies are resolved based on the manifest?

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