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RE: multiple OS on kickstart server

You simply need to copy the initrd.img and vmlinuz from the Fedora 12
install media to your tftp server, and reference it in the config file
in pxelinux.cfg.  If you are using default for everything, then you will
need to make it an option that the user must manually select.  Best
practice would be to use a config file that refers to the system you are
trying to build.

Fedora 12 initrd.img and vmlinuz exist in
IP of System to be built is
Config file (IP in hex) is /tftpboot/pxelihux.cfg/C0A80101
Contents of config file:
	default myfedora12system
	label myfedora12system
	kernel fedora12/vmlinuz
	append initrd=fedora12/initrd.img ramdisk_size=9216 noapic
acpi=off ks=


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Finally, I got my kickstart server to work. I have RHEL5 set and
configured.  I was able to install a system via PXE. I have the
following configured DHCP and HTTP.  I also have /tftpboot where I
copied the config files from RHEL5 source.  Now i want to also have
Fedora12 on it.  I copied Fedora12 to htdocs/fedora12, changed
/tftpboot/pxelihux.cfg/default   with :

append initrd=initrd.img ramdisk_size=9216 noapic acpi=off

and when i started PXE on the client machine, it popped with  image not
found. something like it can't proceed with the installation.  I figured
out that its because my /tftpboot/*  files came from RHEL5.

How do i set to have multiple OS (RHEL and Fedora) on my kickstart
server such that I can install Fedora on the other target and RHEL on
the other one.


Sir June


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