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Re: kickstart dhcp issues

Without portfast it will take 50 seconds for the port to transition to forwarding. Your delay will need to be longer than that.

You did not mention which rhel version you are using but interfaces on dells in rhel 6.1 will show up as em1, em2, etc. by default instead of eth0, eth1. Both dell and redhat mention it in their docs.

Personally I would add one line per port on the switches ;-)


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On 28 Jan 2012, at 22:54, "Sir June" <sir_june yahoo com> wrote:

re-configuring the Cisco switch is not an option. i can't seem to find the right combination for  dhcptimeout, nicdelay, linksleep options.  ksdevice=eth0 seems not to take effect also.  it keeps on asking me to select which eth to use


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Try enabling portfast (rstp edge) the ports on your Cisco switch? It'll transition the port to forwarding directly without going through blocking, listening or learning state.


On Jan 28, 2012, at 19:30, Sir June wrote:


I am using a Poweredge R710 with 4 embedded NICs.  I have a kickstart procedure using  http. So i boot from my USB, type in:
linux ks=http://x.x.x.x./path/ks.cfg

Anaconda prompts me then which eth to use, i selected eth0 (which is connected to the network). But the sending request for IP information is taking forever. I them timesout, asks to select  ipv4/ipv6 options.  And back to "sending request for ip info...."  I am also using a cisco switch on the other end and changes in the switch config is not an option.This issue defeats auto install of Redhat. IF i connect the server into a normal switch (not Cisco), kickstart works fine.,

How to set something that anaconda will continue to request & wait for DHCP ip.


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