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Re: kickstart vs. /etc/login.defs

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 5:19 AM, Michael Hennebry
<hennebry web cs ndsu nodak edu> wrote:
> I've encountered two problems:
> How to specify the kickstart file.
> How, in the kickstart file does one affect /etc/login.defs .
> According to fedora, a kickstart file is the right way to do what I want.
> There is no specific command to affect /etc/login.defs .
>> From what I have read, %post runs too late:

I solved this problem by remaking shadow-utils.src.rpm by changing the
login.defs it provieds.

Then create a repo and reference it in kickstart.cfg:
repo --name=usr500 --baseurl=http://mywebserver/yum/arch/f16-i386
--cost=1 --includepkgs=shadow-utils

More retails, it all took only half a day:
Patching an rpm means installing it, editing the spec and the contents
(or adding a patchfile) then repacking the src.rpm then rpmrebuild
--rebuild it.
Repo are just the files on a webserver and then run createrepo.

A better solution would be to implement a kickstart %mid section where
you can run a script on the install just before any packages are
installed, after filesystems are created and mounted are mounted etc.


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