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Re: Kickstart driven CentOS 7 USB installer

Hi Paul,

I have not put that up somewhere right now.. but did that last week for a RHEL 7 installation but should be the same for CentOS7. Steps are as following:

1. get the ISO file of CentOS 7

2. mount -o loop CentOS-7.0*.iso /mnt/

3. mkdir -p /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/{CentOS-7-unpacked,CentOS-7-iso}

4. rsync -avz /mnt/ /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/RHEL-7-unpacked

5. put your kickstart file into /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/RHEL-7-unpacked

6. add a new line to /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/RHEL-7-unpacked/isolinux/isolinux.cfg (this way you can use the ISO also from a DVD)
label linux_ks
  menu label ^Install CentOS 7 with Kickstart
  kernel vmlinuz
  append initrd=initrd.img inst.stage2=hd:sdb2:/ ks=hd:sdb1:/ks.cfg

7. create the ISO with:
/usr/bin/genisoimage -untranslated-filenames -volid 'CentOS-7.0-KS-x86_64' -J -joliet-long -rational-rock -translation-table -input-charset utf-8 -x ./lost+found -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -eltorito-alt-boot -e images/efiboot.img -no-emul-boot -o /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/CentOS-7-KS-iso/CentOS-7.0-KS-x86_64-DVD.iso -T /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/CentOS-7-unpacked/ ; isohybrid -u /CentOS-7-ISO-respin/CentOS-7-KS-iso/CentOS-7.0-KS-x86_64-DVD.iso

8. dd if=/CentOS-7-ISO-respin/CentOS-7-CSB-iso/CentOS-7.0-KS-x86_64-DVD.iso of=/dev/XXX (where XXX is the Device Name of your USB drive without the partition number e.g. /dev/sdb) (Careful, that command destroys all data on the Stick)

That is the changed version of my RHEL 7 how to.. i had no time to test it yet, but it should work like this (it is perfectly working for RHEL 7)


PS: this method is also very good to create your own Spin of CentOS 7.. like if you want to remove Packages that are no longer needed.. or make a minimal ISO with some extra packages you need.

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Subject: Kickstart driven CentOS 7 USB installer

Hi all,

I have spent the last couple of days looking for information on creating
a kickstart driven USB installer based on a CentOS installation CD/DVD
(not a LiveCD). Specifically, I was interested in creating such an
installer from the CentOS 7 installation DVD ISO.

Today I managed to create such a USB, and have outlined the steps taken
to create it here:


I was just wondering whether anyone else has done this using a different
method from that described above. I was quite surprised that I was
unable to find a full description of a method online that resulted in a
working USB installer based on CentOS 7 driven by a kickstart file.

Thanks very much,

Paul Jefferson

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