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Re: [Libguestfs] Trailing spaces in POD files

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

> IMHO trailing spaces should be permitted in POD files.  Currently
> they are prevented by the git upload hook.
> The reason to allow them in POD files is because indentation is
> used to indicate blocks of preformatted text (the equivalent of
> <pre> in HTML).  To keep code together in the output if it
> contains blank lines you have to add a line containing a single
> space.
> For an example of where this is currently wrong, because we're not
> allowed to have trailing spaces, see the preformatted code block
> here:
>   http://libguestfs.org/guestfs.3.html#handles
> I have no idea how the git hook is implemented or whether we can
> make it give an exception to POD files.  (Jim?)

Hi Rich,

Sure, I've just exempted pod files from whitespace checks
by doing this on the server:

  $ cd /git/libguestfs.git && echo '*.pod -whitespace' >> info/attributes

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