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Re: [Libguestfs] FYI, lvs.ml: Unbound value Guestfs.create

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Is there some rule about what can run in parallel and what can't?
> For instance in the toplevel Makefile.am we have:
> SUBDIRS = gnulib/lib src daemon appliance fish po examples images \
> 	gnulib/tests capitests regressions test-tool

Each name in $(SUBDIRS) is completed before the build in
the next one starts.

We've seen that targets in the current Makefile.am can be
built in parallel with any of those in SUBDIRS.

> If these were to run in parallel, we'd be in trouble, but I'm assuming
> they don't do that because we'd have seen it by now.
> automake.info is quiet on the issue AFAICT.

This is a good argument for avoiding sub-makes.
On my list of experiments is to convert a project with non-empty
SUBDIRS to build via a single top-level make that includes
pieces from sub-directories.  Improved parallelism via a complete
dependency tree is one advantage, since tools that don't need libraries
don't have to wait for an early library-build to finish before starting.

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