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[Libguestfs] [PATCH 00/10] Remove the need for vmchannel

This set of 10 patches removes the need for any vmchannel implementation,
although we can still choose to use vmchannel if we want.

In this so-called "null vmchannel" configuration, the appliance
connects directly to a port on the library.  The exact method is
described in patch 9/10.

This method still requires SLIRP (user mode networking) so it is
not a panacea, because recent versions of qemu allow SLIRP to be
removed.  We therefore need to continue along the path of exploring
alternate vmchannel implementations.

[PATCH 01/10] Rearrange qemu command line order (no functional change).
[PATCH 02/10] Combine temporary buffers.
  - General code cleanups.

[PATCH 03/10] Remove guestfs_wait_ready (turn it into a no-op).
  - guestfs_wait_ready is no longer helpful.  Since vmchannel and
    null vmchannel are fundamentally different, we need to remove
    the split between launch and wait_ready and make launch into a
    single large function that can handle both cases.

[PATCH 04/10] Remove unnecessary extra space from qemu command line.
[PATCH 05/10] Make GUESTFWD_PORT into a string.
[PATCH 06/10] Rearrange and tidy up code in guestfsd.c
  - More code cleanups.

[PATCH 07/10] Flexible guestfs_vmchannel parameter for future appliances.
  - Add guestfs_vmchannel=(tcp:<ip>:<port>|...) parameter to the
    appliance, and make it backwards compatible with older library

[PATCH 08/10] configure.ac: Check for <netinet/in.h> and <arpa/inet.h>
[PATCH 09/10] Implement "null vmchannel" - no vmchannel needed!
[PATCH 10/10] Update documentation of qemu / vmchannel.
  - The implementation of null vmchannel.

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