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Re: [Libguestfs] ArchLinux port

于 2010年12月09日 15:08, Thomas S Hatch 写道:
I have febootstrap ported to and working on Arch, but there are a few
packages missing from the main Arch repos, and the packages need to be
in the main repos for the febootstrap sequence to work.
So I have a few quick questions, first,
how well does the supermin app work, without augeas,
are zfs, gfs and hfs used only for mounting those filesystems inside the
vm image,
and I noticed that there is an option to load a mirror for fedora to use
when building, can that option be used to pass data into the package
manager handler? In which case I can solve everything by adding a
secondary binary repository location to the package build.

But beside these problems, the pacman package handler is working!



pretty glad to see these projects are ported to Arch, as I was
a Arch user for a time, and planning to use it on my another
laptop again..

- Osier

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