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Re: [Libguestfs] [PATCH 6/13] hivex: Add value_any callback to the visitor.

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
>> This looks fine.
>> I found it best to review with "git log -B -w -p -1 SHA1"
>> since the vast majority is just an indentation change: moving
>> the current "switch" stmt into the new else block.
> I was playing with git show --patience and other flags like that.  The
> patience algorithm (sometimes) improves the output by keeping related
> code together.  Is there a recommended way to get better patches for
> review from 'git format-patch'?

For indentation-changing change sets like that, I like to see "git diff
-B -w" output.  Sometimes, I use "-U N", too, using N large enough so
the context includes some related part of the code.

Note however, that if you use an option like -B or -w, you have to be
careful to insert it, *indented*, after the "---" line and before the
first diff, so that when someone tries to apply your patch with git-am
that part is ignored.  This would be important if it's in the middle of
a large series like this.

For a small patch set, just include it inline and warn
that it should not be applied.

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