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Re: [Libguestfs] VMware and multiple vmdk files

I guess you are using vmware workstation ,As the files you are using is "sparse vmdk" format splited into 2GB files.
You can not open sparse vmdk file with libguestfs.
libguestfs using qemu-kvm and it only can support single preallocated virtual disk(flat, thick mode).

Refer to the following links for more info about vmdk file formats

1. vmware community
2. http://sanbarrow.com/vmdk-basics.html


On 06/01/2010 07:15 AM, Thierry Thelliez wrote:
With VMWare (server), you can pre-allocate your image in several vmdk
files. But I have not bee able to mount that in guestfs.

On file (e.g. guest.vmdk) is a text file pointing to all the other
files (e.g. guest-f001.vmdk, guest-f002.vmdk,...).

I tried the following scenarios without success:

1- just adding the base vmdk: add_drive guest.vmdk
2- adding all the files:
add_drive guest-f001.vmdk
add_drive guest-f002.vmdk

It works if I merge all the files with vmware-vdiskmanager
(something like: vmware-vdiskmanager -r guest.vmdk -t 0 guest-new.vmdk)

Can I use guestfs without merging all the files in one image?


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