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[Libguestfs] uninstall vmware tools on v2v to kvm?


I have tested the windows v2v from esx to kvm with vmware-tools installed on the guest.


There is an issue, a message on first login after boot that tell the user that one or more

services failed to start. In the system event log there are 3 errors. Two of them are tool

services and one is the parallel port driver service.


Disabling the services (setting start mode 4 in the registry) solved the issue.


Running the tools uninstaller failed with a message saying it will not uninstall if it’s not

running on VMware hypervisor.


Looking at the guest registry I have found 8 VMware services, I think that uninstalling the tools

entirely might be too intrusive, If someone is really bothered by some extra files on the file

system they can uninstall on the original esx.


I think we should, disable all the tools services on the v2v scripts using the windows converter

and hivex.


If this sounds like the correct solution I’ll try to write it.





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