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Re: [Libguestfs] a patch that disable vmware tools services on virt-v2v

On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 06:53:54AM -0400, Amos Benari wrote:
> After applying the patch windows guest came up with no error in the event
> log.

> +[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Parport]
> +"Start"=dword:00000004

Disabling the parallel port?

I would say this is a separate and unrelated bug in virt-v2v: either
virt-v2v should enable the parallel port under KVM in the same way as
it is configured in VMWare (if that's possible) or it should
separately disable it.

The rest of the patch looks fine, but I'm leery of including the
change to the parallel port driver.

If we don't disable the parport driver what are the consequences?
Simply an error in a log file and an unusable parport?  Or is there a
more user-visible change?


PS. Your mailer sets the content-type of attachments to
application/octet-stream which makes it hard to reply to your patches

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