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[Libguestfs] appliance/make.sh won't update when re-configure with new mirror (or updates) url

Hi, all:
When I re-configure in the source directory, and then make the build. It will use the previous urls of mirror and updates which I specified via --with-mirror and --with-updates.
for example: the previous command line I used is:
1. $ ./autogen.sh --with-mirror='http://wrongurl/fedora/os/' --with-updates='http://wrongurl/fedora/updates' --with-repo='wrong_repo'
2. $ make

Then I want to make the build with new mirror and updates url:
1. $ make clean
2. ./autogen.sh --with-mirror='http://righturl/fedora/os/' --with-updates='http://righturl/fedora/updates' --with-repo='right_repo'
3. $ make

I can see the following line in the output of step 2:
configure: running /bin/sh ./configure --disable-option-checking '--prefix=/usr/local'  '--with-mirror=http://righturl/fedora/os/' '--with-updates=http://righturl/fedora/updates' '--with-repo=right_repo' --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.

but the febootstrap command which is generated during step 3 (make ) still use the previous urls:
+ febootstrap -i augeas-libs -i btrfs-progs -i diffutils -i e4fsprogs -i gfs-utils -i gfs2-utils -i hfsplus-tools -i iputils -i kernel -i MAKEDEV -i nilfs-utils -i ntfsprogs -i reiserfs-utils -i libselinux -i udev -i util-linux-ng -i vim-minimal -i bash -i binutils -i coreutils -i dosfstools -i file -i grub -i jfsutils -i lsof -i lvm2 -i module-init-tools -i net-tools -i ntfs-3g -i parted -i procps -i scrub -i strace -i xfsprogs -i zerofree -u http://wrongurl/fedora/updates wrong_repo initramfs http://wrongurl/fedora/os/

the appliance/make.sh is not updated during make, so it will use the old one to build ramdisk, is there anything wrong with my steps?

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