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Re: [Libguestfs] Migrating file based Xen RHEL5.4 to KVM

On 17/05/10 16:33, Martin Jeppesen wrote:
>> Guests are unaware of the network configuration in the host, e.g. the
>> bridge name. You should make sure the correct bridge name is set in
>> the OVF file. virt_v2v script will handle that for you if you remove
>> the comments from the config file network section.
> Excellent.
> What about the preparation of the guest? Is this all that I have to do?:
> * Log in to the guest
> # yum install kernel
> # vi /etc/rc.local
> modprobe cirrus

You meant to change xorg.conf here, not modprobe

> modprobe virtio_blk
> modprobe virtio_net

You don't want to be putting any of these things in /etc/rc.local.
You'll also need to rebuild initrd.

> # halt -p

virt-v2v will do everything required to migrate a RHEL 5.4 Xen guest to KVM.

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Red Hat Engineering, Virtualisation Team

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