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Re: [Libguestfs] libguestfs-1.6 on RHEL5.5 Server

On Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 04:55:30PM +0000, mk wrote:
> Currently, I use
>    - v.1.6 on Fedora 13 (no prob., have support for all groups of
>    functionality)
>    - v.1.2.14 on RHEL 5.5, installed from EPEL
>    (libguestfs-1.2.14-1.el5.x86_64.rpm). However, when I test it,
>    $h->available (\ groups) fails for every available group.

Little bit surprising ...  What does this command say:

  guestfish -a /dev/null run : available "lvm2" && echo this is available

On my CentOS 5.5 x86-64 host it says that lvm2 is available, which it
should be under every circumstance on a Linux host.

> Is anywhere a build with support for all of them?

It's not possible to build libguestfs on RHEL 5 with support for
everything.  Some external programs simply don't exist.  Might be
better to start with the question: what features do you need that are

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Richard Jones, Virtualization Group, Red Hat http://people.redhat.com/~rjones
libguestfs lets you edit virtual machines.  Supports shell scripting,
bindings from many languages.  http://et.redhat.com/~rjones/libguestfs/
See what it can do: http://et.redhat.com/~rjones/libguestfs/recipes.html

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