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Re: [Libguestfs] NOTE: running ./fish/guestfish etc from build dir without installing

I should add that if you forget to use 'run' than one of two things
could happen:

(a) [the Good Thing] You'll see an error message like this:

$ ./fish/guestfish -a /dev/null run
libguestfs: error: cannot find any suitable libguestfs supermin or ordinary appliance on LIBGUESTFS_PATH (search path: /usr/local/lib/guestfs)

(b) [the Bad Thing] If you ./configure'd libguestfs with a path that
happens to be where an appliance is already installed (eg. if you've
installed another version of libguestfs), then it'll silently use the
other appliance.

Case (b) is probably not what you want.  It can mean, for example,
that a change you make to the daemon is not actually tested.  So
better remember to use 'run' :-)


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