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Re: [Libguestfs] More changes needed separate builddir

Do these patches address the issue where "./configure --prefix=foo" causes non-sudo 'make install' to fail because of something in the Python?  I assume no, since you're discussing building and not installing.

(I don't think I reported that bug, come to think about it...)


On Aug 11, 2011, at 14:38 , Hilko Bengen wrote:

> Uh-oh. I had just tried building, not installing, before posting the
> patch. There are another few issues that need to be sorted out:
> 1. In the ocaml directory, "make install" does not find .mli files. I
> think this is easily fixed, see below.
> 2. I have not found any simple way to make ExtUtils::MakeMaker do
> out-of-tree builds, yet. Maybe it's easiest to just "cp -rsu" things to
> $(builddir) there.
> 3. Some pod2html calls still aren't quite right.
> I had thought that being able to compile bindings for multiple Python
> versions would be easier. *sigh*
> -Hilko
> diff --git a/ocaml/Makefile.am b/ocaml/Makefile.am
> index 89a59cd..de6b321 100644
> --- a/ocaml/Makefile.am
> +++ b/ocaml/Makefile.am
> @@ -90,5 +90,5 @@ SUFFIXES = .cmo .cmi .cmx .ml .mli .mll .mly
> # Do the installation by hand, because we want to run ocamlfind.
> -install_files = META *.so *.a *.cma *.cmi *.mli
> +install_files = META *.so *.a *.cma *.cmi $(srcdir)/*.mli
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