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[Libguestfs] hivex-1.2.7 build failure on Ubuntu 10.04, rpl_getopt, rpl_optind

I'm trying to build hivex 1.2.7 on Ubuntu 10.04, and get the following failure:

	Making all in xml
	make[2]: Entering directory `/opt/sandbox/src/hivex/hivex-1.2.7/xml'
  	  CC     hivexml-hivexml.o
  	  CCLD   hivexml
	hivexml-hivexml.o: In function `main':
	/opt/sandbox/src/hivex/hivex-1.2.7/xml/hivexml.c:86: undefined reference to `rpl_getopt'
	/opt/sandbox/src/hivex/hivex-1.2.7/xml/hivexml.c:100: undefined reference to `rpl_optind'
	/opt/sandbox/src/hivex/hivex-1.2.7/xml/hivexml.c:133: undefined reference to `rpl_optind'
	ld returned 1 exit status
	make[2]: *** [hivexml] Error 1

(For completeness, I should say the building is occuring in a chroot environment where an Ubuntu 10.04 image resides, not on an Ubuntu 10.04 machine proper.  But, I doubt this has anything to do with the problem.)

Perhaps something has gone wrong in the adoptions of a replacement getopt and optind?  Said adoption was apparently triggered by the configure script, which reported:

	checking for working GNU getopt function... 

This in turn was likely due to this bit in the config script, since Ubuntu 10.04 reportedly uses 2.11 of glibc:

      /* This code fails on glibc 2.11.  */
         char *argv[] = { "program", "-b", "-a", NULL };
         optind = opterr = 0;
         if (getopt (3, argv, "+:a:b") != 'b')
           result |= 64;
         else if (getopt (3, argv, "+:a:b") != ':')
           result |= 64;
      return result;

I am able to build hivex 1.2.5 in this environment just fine.

I don't need hivexml, but haven't yet figured out how to turn off its build, and suspect other getopt uses will need to be replaced, anyhow.

Any suggestions?

Dan Teitsort

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