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[Libguestfs] Python Hivex Assertion Failed

Good afternoon,

I am working with the hivex python bindings and having trouble with an
assertion failure.

The code I run is based on the blog post from 11/28/10 and is:

import hivex
h = hivex.Hivex("ntuser.dat")
r = h.root()
key = h.node_get_child(r)

The assert failure happens when I call any of the "node" functions,
even "node_name()".

The error message I get each time is:
python: hivex-py.c:52: get_handle:
    Assertion 'obj' failed

When I print r (h.root() result), I get a long integer "4128".  (Which
makes sense -- that would be shortly into the second bin, where the
root of the hive should be).  The hivex.3 man page indicates that the
return value for the root() function should be a handle, aka integer,
so it seems to be right.

I don't think it's the hive -- i tried a couple different ones, albeit
all from the same machine.  I also ran it with a perl based registry
library and it was fine.

I'm using Ubuntu and python 2.6.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be?  Thanks!


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