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[Libguestfs] hivexml rewrite


I am new to this list.

I am writing to you about hivexml.  Richard Jones told me that he was considering abandoning this program. Instead, I am willing to take over maintenance of it.

I am involved in computer forensics. I are in the midst of developing an XML standard to describe the Windows Registry.

There are several programs that export the windows registry at XML. I have listed them at:

The XML produced by hivexml is somewhat difficult to work with. It also has some problems in that it doesn't properly quote strings, and doesn't atke into account other important information. I have come up with a new form and would like to modify hivexml to output and ingest the new form.

My question for this group:

1. Is anybody using hivexml?
2. Is it important to be able to read the old XML format?
3. We have had a hard time building hivexml on non-RedHat systems. Is there any objection to my making this a standalone program?

I look forward to hearing from the list.

Simson Garfinkel

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