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Re: [Libguestfs] hivexml rewrite

On May 7, 2011, at 6:26 PM, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

> On Sat, May 07, 2011 at 06:01:13PM -0400, Simson Garfinkel wrote:
>> I am writing to you about hivexml.  Richard Jones told me that he
>> was considering abandoning this program. Instead, I am willing to
>> take over maintenance of it.
> Not sure "abandoning", but I said that the format is broken, the
> program is broken, and I'd like to deprecate both.

Ah. Your email to me actually had the word "abandoning" in it. Sorry if I jumped the gun.

>> 1. Is anybody using hivexml?
> [speaking for me] No.  The regedit format is what we're not using in
> all the upstream and RHEL tools.
>> 2. Is it important to be able to read the old XML format?
> [speaking for me] no

Anybody else?

>> 3. We have had a hard time building hivexml on non-RedHat
>> systems. Is there any objection to my making this a standalone
>> program?
> Go ahead.
> I would suggest (just to avoid confusion) you call your program
> something else instead of 'hivexml'.

I think that brands have value. If keeping the old name means retaining backwards XML compatibility, I'm happy to do so. Keeping the name is a good thing, I think.

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