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Re: [Libguestfs] Possible issue with virt-v2v writing to wrong Windows registry control set

> Windows shouldn't be able to boot at all unless viostor is both
installed and configured 
> in the CDD of the correct control set.

Yes, this was very strange.  Looking at the Windows device manager when
I first booted, I saw one viostor system drive and then a SCSI
controller without a driver and the unknown device.  Trying to install
the viostor driver for that SCSI controller failed with "Access Denied"
no matter what I tried.  But the VM was still bootable, at least for a
while, because it saw that viostor boot drive.  How it saw the Viostor
boot drive but not the 2nd drive is a mystery to me.

But - doesn't the V2V process hack in some minimal viostor stuff to the
new image file and then count on Windows properly loading up all the
drivers after it boots?  And there's an invisible firstboot at the tail
end of the V2V to handle all this, right?  If so, what if that minimal
viostor hack was in the correct control set, but then all the complete
driver stuff somehow ended up in the wrong control set?  

- Greg

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