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Re: [Libguestfs] Possible issue with virt-v2v writing to wrong Windows registry control set

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 09:19:59AM -0600, Greg Scott wrote:
> But - doesn't the V2V process hack in some minimal viostor stuff to the
> new image file and then count on Windows properly loading up all the
> drivers after it boots?


> And there's an invisible firstboot at the tail end of the V2V to
> handle all this, right?  If so, what if that minimal viostor hack
> was in the correct control set, but then all the complete driver
> stuff somehow ended up in the wrong control set?

Fairly sure this shouldn't happen, or if it did it'd be a gross bug in
the viostor installer.

You can use virt-inspector to find the current control set for a
Windows guest (requires libguestfs >= 1.10).


Richard Jones, Virtualization Group, Red Hat http://people.redhat.com/~rjones
virt-p2v converts physical machines to virtual machines.  Boot with a
live CD or over the network (PXE) and turn machines into Xen guests.

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