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Re: [Libguestfs] Virtio-win RPM?

Hold on a second - I never see the guest itself.  I only see the source physical machine.  We boot the source system from the virt-p2v-image-builder CD and then fire up a migration.  The P2V runs for about 3+ hours.  Watching RHEV-M, I see the physical space used in the Export store ramp up.  And then later, it's back down to < 1 GB and there is no guest virtual disk or VM or anything.  The P2V apparently blows up with the error below and then cleans up all traces of itself, at least in the RHEV export domain.  So I don't have any virtual disk to inspect.  

But c'mon - every Windows system in the world has the directories mentioned below.  This cannot be the first P2V attempt on the planet earth from a Windows system to RHEV.  

As a workaround - maybe we can put in a custom edit to GuestfsHandle.pm, maybe there's a newer version somewhere, maybe there's something procedurally we can do differently.  

I don't have virtio-win on this Fedora conversion server.  Does that have anything to do with the problem?  Could the bug be that it reports the error below when the real problem is, firstboot can't find a disk to boot from because it doesn't have the right drivers?  And if so, where do I find a virtio-win RPM that will install on Fedora 14?

- Greg

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Of course the guest has those directories.  It's a Windows system.  I tried the link to that bug but it just times out.  What's the workaround?

- Greg

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On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 09:16:15AM -0600, Greg Scott wrote:
> Does anyone have an idea what this error message means?  This was waiting on the console this morning after running a conversion last night using the virt-p2v CD
> Inspect_os:  cannot resolve Windows %SYSTEMROOT% at /usr/share/perl5/sys/VirtConvert/GuestfsHandle.pm line 187, <> line 7.

It's a bug in libguestfs:


Does this guest have one of these directories:


and that directory:



You could also try running virt-inspector on the guest
('virt-inspector2' on RHEL 6).


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