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Re: [Libguestfs] Virtio-win RPM?

Sorry about the editorial comment.  It's really a left-handed plea for help.  

When the P2V fails, it apparently deletes everything it set up, so there is no guest to run virt-inspector.  

Where do I export LIBGUESTFS_TRACE=1?  AFAIK, there isn't any interactive shell where I can do this.  I edit virt-v2v.conf, boot the source physical machine from the CD, and click some mouse buttons.  That launches virt-p2v-server on the back end in the conversion server.  Is there a hook someplace in virt-p2v-server or maybe virt-v2v.conf?  And where does the output go?

Does it make sense to export that variable in an interactive shell and then launch virt-p2v-server by hand?  Searching for "TRACE" in virt-p2v-server shows no occurrences.  But maybe virt-p2v-server runs an executable program that looks at that variable?  Should I still be using Fedora 14 for conversion server or is it better now to try with Fedora 16?

- Greg

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On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 04:17:53PM -0600, Greg Scott wrote:
> But c'mon - every Windows system in the world has the directories
> mentioned below.  This cannot be the first P2V attempt on the planet
> earth from a Windows system to RHEV.

Asserting this isn't helping anyone to diagnose the problem.


 - enabling tracing (export LIBGUESTFS_TRACE=1) and providing the
   complete output

 - run virt-inspector on the guest, if there is a guest


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